Rating Information

05.06.2018 Rating Agency ACRA increased  the credit rating of A(RU) of Joint stock company “Russian reinsurance company” (Russian Re) (Russia). The outlook is stable. 



Russian Re management pays significant attention to maintaining the financial transparency of the Company and completely automating paperwork. 
Russian Re accounting and analysis systems provide real-time financial results along any lines of business. Highly reliable server equipment ensures the reliability and security of information.

Actuarial analysis is conducted for contract quotations, which influences the tariff policy of the company.

The Company’s financial reporting is audited annually in compliance with Russian and international standards. Since 2008, the auditor of the Russian Reinsurance Company is one of the world leaders in this area – BDO Unicon




Russian Reinsurance Company pursues a conservative investment policy.

The key principles for the   investment of own assets and insurance reserves consist in limiting credit, market and foreign exchange investment risks, maintaining them within acceptable company boundaries, ensuring the timely discharge of obligations, and achieving maximum earning power at the predetermined risk level.

Investment trends are also limited by applicable legislation. Taking these factors into consideration, the company invests funds in deposits held with leading banks, and in real estate.


Key Financial Figures

as at 31 Dec 2016                                                             RUB '000    USD '000

 Gross written premium

915 703

15 097

 Net premiums earned

643 658

10 612

 Claims incurred, net of reinsurance

267 547

4 411


 Investment income

50 728


 Profit after taxation

5 002


 Total shareholders` equity, inc.

782 319

12 898

 Share capital 

480 000

7 914

 Insurance reserves

973 876

16 056

($1 = RUB 60.6569)

Financial statements for the year Ended 31/12/2016

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Annual reports

License ПС № 0235 dd 03.09.2015