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Russian Reinsurance Company - the Leader on the Russian Reinsurance Market

We provide professional and reliable reinsurance protection through our company’s long-term experience, intellectual capital, and financial resources. Our extensive international connections and thorough knowledge of the Russian market enable us to provide global know-how and services tailored to local needs.
The key element of our strategy is a customized approach to each partner and risk. We strive to establish long-term, confidential relationships and are proud of our long-running cooperation with leading insurance companies in Russia and other countries of the former USSR.

Russian Re employees are established experts in the field who specialize not only in risk assessment, but also in risk management and claim settlement.

We also provide you with reference materials, professional advice and relevant up-to-date information regarding insurance and reinsurance.

Rating Information

29.04.2022 Rating Agency ACRAaffirmedthe credit rating of Joint stock company “Russian reinsurance company” (Russian Re) (Russia) at A+(RU) . The outlook is stable.

Our principles

Our personnel


  • Professional underwriting;
  • To keep the service provided on the highest international level;
  • Thorough examination of projects and programs developed by Russian Re.


  • Stable financial position of the company;
  • Secure retrocessional protection for Russian Re provided by the top western reinsurers having highest claims paying performance ratings;
  • Conservative investment policy, which is oriented towards the maximum secure placement of investment assets with premier russian banks.
Russian Re successes in the context of fierce competition are the result of the high levels of professionalism and commitment of its staff. The company employs highly qualified specialists with considerable practical experience and deep-rooted knowledge in the field of insurance and reinsurance. Many of them are also experts in machine reconstruction, the electric-power industry, construction and medicine. Russian Reinsurance Company employees regularly undergo practical training in Western Europe and the USA.